Milwaukee Art Museum


Beat the winter blues by joining me at the Milwaukee Art Museum for their Beauty in Bloom exhibit March 26, 27, 28 & 29.

It is going to be a weekend filled with flowers, fun and fashion!

For more information;

I will be one of the vendors and will have my new flower images available as prints, totes, cards and other gift items.  

I have been experimenting with alternative printing methods and just started printing on wood and other media.  They look really cool and will have them at the show.




Equus Film Festival 2015 Poster Contest


I entered three photos for the Equus Film Festival Poster Contest.  Here are the finals, the bloopers are on facebook.

Not quite sure how to vote but if you go to their facebook page Equus Film Festival NYC, the info should be there.


Something About the Color Red

Seems like a fun event in Long Grove this Saturday.  I entered two small pieces in it.  Hope to see you there!


One More Common Question



Well.....just about everything!

I started out wanting to be a food photographer, so of course I moved to the country and started photgraphing old barns.

That, of course, segued into dogs, cats and other animals.  Which led me to horses.  So now I am doing a lot of families and children!

I just shot a Harley and some Boudoir!

But it is OK, as I will be working on some landscapes and Carousel Horses in January!

         But seriously,

if you have come to my web, our paths have crossed.


I can shoot portraits, landscapes, events and even food.  

I participate in art shows with my fine art and work with Senior Citizens with my Carousel HorseSeries.

If you need a photographer and our styles click, give me a call.



Common Questions and Answers

I have been getting a lot of inquiries lately and I would just like to take the time to explain some of the more common questions.

With the exception of commercial work, I believe in making and having traditional prints - meaning non-digital images.    The advent of digital cameras is great and being able to share images via internet, etc is also a lot of fun, but I come from the Polaroid generation; a generation of faded prints.  I believe that a lot of these digital images will never be printed and will be lost.  I want my clients to have a physical remembrance of their loved ones. So when I shoot, it is with the intention of producing a final image to be printed, displayed and viewed.


Below, please find some answers to common questions.



Sitting Fee: What is it and what's included?

The sitting fee covers the time of discussing ideas, setting up for the shoot, the shoot and editing & reviewing images with you.    

Typically digital files and prints are not included in the sitting fee.  


The "negatives" from the sitting fee remain with me and are saved.  



Prints:  What are my choices?

I want the highest quality and standards for my clients.  I love making my prints and I think it shows, I believe they are works of art.  There are several print options and I will help you to choose the right style for you and your home.  Whatever choice of prints you choose, rest assured they will last for generations.  Here are some choices:

Fine Art Prints - These  are done in house by me.  I use fine art paper and archival quality ink. These have a more traditional feel to them.  They tend to resemble paintings.

Photo Prints - These images are printed on a very gloss, shiny "slickrock" paper.   These have a very nice modern quality.

Canvas & Aluminum Prints -  The canvas gives the image a painterly feel and aluminum prints are a fun and a unique way to display the prints.  The aluminum prints are done by an outside lab.


*When a print is ordered a low resolution image will be provided of the final image with my logo on it,  it may be used for social media and to share with others electronically.


I love to help with framing and deciding where to place the portraits.  A lot of times we will decide on the image and placement and then I go out looking for frames. I pick some up at flea markets or antique stores and I have an artist that refurbishes them.  I also have a source for new, more modern frames.  Whatever your style is I am available to help and since I print the images myself, I can print custom sizes.
Not everyone orders prints right away, some wait months, some wait a year and that is fine as I will always have the "negative"..  I suggest  if you are interested in having a photographic portrait of a loved one(s) two or four footed take the time and do it.  Call me we when you want and we can discuss ideas and get started!

Ruby on Fox

Ruby was honored to have been invited to Indian Summer this year and she made the news!



  Thanks to my husband, Peter, I was fortunate enough to attend one of the most prestigious equestrian events in Europe - CHIO.  Not being an avid horse show enthusiast, I resisted going for years.  The fact that that it was in Germany didn't persuade me much either.  But he persisted.  He kept telling me stories of when he was young, they closed the schools down and about how big and popular this event was for the whole town.  Little by little my interest was piqued.  Finally, I gave in and attended CHIO  in 2012.  I must say I am glad I did, for what I found  was that CHIO is not only a horse competition, but a cultural event as well.


  I am not going to go too much into statistics or history as most of that can be found on their website  But, what I would like to do with you is share some of my pictures and experiences in hopes that some of you may go and experience this wonderful event.


 Aachen is a city in northwest Germany near Belgium and the Netherlands.   It is only fitting that Aachen hosts such a wonderful equestrian event as the town has long been synonymous with not only Charlemagne,  but horses as well.  A brief and interesting history can be found at    


  CHIO, which stands for Concours Hippique International Official,  is an international equestrian event run by the "Aachener-Laurensberger Renverein"    It includes competition in five disciplines, Jumping, Dressage, Eventing, Four-in-hand-Driving and Vaulting.   It has been international since 1927, but races have been held there since approximately 1898 (again check out the website with full history).


    It is super easy to get to, I took a plane into Frankfurt, hopped on a train to Cologne (Koln) and then to Aachen where I arrived right in the middle of the city. Having friends there, they picked me up and we headed on over to their place.  Fortunately, I arrived the day of what I call the "pre-opening ceremony" - the day before the official opening day and competition.  The "pre-opening"  ceremony was a basically a party in the heart of downtown Aachen. The whole town was adorned with horses and CHIO nostalgia.  Streets were shut down, people left work early and everyone gathered in the streets and sidewalk cafes.


  CHIO partners with a country every year and I just happened to be there when they partnered with Rio de Janeiro. How lucky did I get!  The Brazilians brought dancers, musicians, horses and the Germans had their politicians, celebrities and horses as well.  Imagine a Rio de Janeiro Carnival right in front of a German Gothic Rathaus, (Rio de Janeiro Carnival is a famous celebration of Fat Tuesday, Mardis Gras,  and Rathaus is a government building), replete with horses.   These two cultures melded their customs together to form a colorful array of traditions   All types of horses and riders, dancers and other assorted characters paraded through the streets to the vibrant music of Samba.  


  The next few days held competitions in several disciplines.  I was fortunate enough to have tickets to a Jumping and Dressage competition.  I did not have tickets to see the driving competition in the field, but saw the end when the horses had to weave through tight obstacles and gallop to the finish.  Vaulting & Eventing I missed completely.  


  I must say this is a world class event.  Something that any person, horse lover or not, would enjoy.  It is no wonder that it is hosted by Aachen, for their tradition and love of horses, make for a wonderful cultural experience. 


The next time one travels to Europe keep it in mind, but plan in advance as tickets go fast.  Enjoy the photos and if one has the time, check it out on HRTV, CHIO 2014 starts today July 11, 2014!