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After days/weeks of photographing babies, I was able to make it out to the country and meet these two wonderful camels, Ed & Wilbur.

They are training with their partner Jason Martin to give rides and perform tricks.

I was amazed to find out how beautiful camels are and what wonderful dispositions they have!  Thanks for a wonderful experience!


Festival of the Horse & Drum 2015

How Quickly Things Change

I have taken a new interest in the flowers and foliage around me, though I am aware of them daily, I sometimes take them for granted.  This new interest is due to the fact that I am trying to shoot my Carousel Horse series with real flowers.  Seems easy enough, but there are a number of factors that must be considered.  First is budget, to bedeck one horse in real flowers is pretty costly, multiply that by 12 and it adds up real quick.  My solution for that;  use available flowers & foliage.  Brilliant, you might think, but maybe not…….


I decided to start with Ruby, my horse & top model, which is conveniently stabled at our house.  The week of the shoot was a week filled with rain, with only one day of sunshine.  Fortunately, that was the day my horse handler was available, but it was also the only day of the week my husband needs the field for his dog club - slight conflict.  It would have been easy to cancel and put off until next week, but my set designer, Joan Schultz, advised to just go ahead and shoot.  So we did, and fortunately so, for as you can see by the pictures below one tree has blooms and the other has nothing.  They are the same tree!  The one with no blooms was taken only two days after the shoot . There were many other trees I wanted to use as backdrops and for costume decor but their flowers are gone too, in just days!  The wild flowers I picked for the shoot wilted in minutes - amazing for how durable they are (think weeds).  Fortunately, I got a shot of Ruby with some beautiful flowers, maybe not to be used for the Carousel Horse series, but a pretty picture nonetheless.


Despite the difficulty of the situation, it has given me a new appreciation for the here and now.  I am now looking at things and people in a new light.  My dog, Eliat, for example, has always been young and exuberant to me, despite her age.  But now I look at her and I notice her gray, her slowness of movement, her lack of wanting to go out on cold, rainy days.  I think of the flowers and how quickly they go.  Then I think of people and animals I love and I think of how quickly they can go too.  


I am setting up an indoor studio in Barrington, Illinois (details to follow) and I am photographing more families and children. It makes me think more and more of how quickly things change.  Children to young adults, young adults into young families and young families into larger families.  Whatever stage your family is in, may I suggest a family portrait?  For we all know how quickly things change.  And no time is better than the present!






Flower Prints

Those of you who live in the Wisconsin area or planning on travelling there this summer,  be sure to visit La Tulipe Flower Boutique in Port Washington. They have some really cute items and they are carrying some of my flower prints.

Thank You



Just wanted to reach out to everyone and say, "Thank you for a great Spring!".

The Milwaukee Art Museum's, "Beauty In Bloom", was a fabulous four day event filled with Fashion,

Flowers, Art and Fun!

For those of you unfamiliar with the event, the Museum pairs flower designers with works of art.

Each floral designer interprets the piece of art and makes a floral arrangement to reflect their


This year the works of art were haute couture from the Johnson' family collection.

Some great fashions and some wild interpretations!

A fashion show was held on Saturday night and several of the designers participated by creating 

dresses, shoes and accessories out of floral pieces.  

Here are my two favorite pieces; taken with my iphone (& yes I took artistic license as well!) 



I must say, I was very happy with my booth, for several reasons.  The first was the fabulous flower corset

Joan Schultz, with Flourish Florals, custom made for my mannequine.  It was matched to 

a vintage Scaasi, fabulous!

The second were the flower images that I created especially for the show.  

These images were photsos of flowers, processed onto wood, giving each piece a unique,

one-of-a-kind vintage feel.

Naturally, the best part of the show was meeting new people!

It was a well attended event and it attracted people of all ages and backgrounds.

Hopefully I will see the same people next year and those of you who were unable to make it, 

please put in on your calendar for next year!


McCrae Farm Open House

 Please stop on by, sure to be a wonderful day of horses and shopping!